If you want to remember, take a test

Can tests actually help you learn? New research says that test-taking compares favorably to traditional study methods like concept mapping and repeated review.

In a study published in Science, “retrieval practice”–having students take a short test recalling what they remembered immediately after studying–resulted in better test performance than other study methods. The other methods included repeated study (typically, students do this when they cram) and concept mapping (arranging details and ideas into diagram with hand-drawn bubbles and links):

The NYTimes says:

The Purdue study supports findings of a recent spate of research showing learning benefits from testing, including benefits when students get questions wrong.

Factor Tree’s worksheets provide opportunities for students to practice and solidify math skills learned in school. Our tools make it easy for students to review questions that they got wrong, see how to solve them correctly, and practice as much as they want!

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