Running to better grades?

As the weather starts to warm up, we’re all itching to get out of the office and into some sun; your children are probably feeling it even more. No doubt you’ll soon hear them begging to get out and play. Should you let them? Check out a new study and this Need to Know video from PBS about how physical activity helps boost academic performance in children and teens. According to the study:

the more they exercised, the better the result. Intelligence scores increased an average 3.8 points in those exercising 40 minutes per day after school for three months with a smaller benefit in those exercising 20 minutes daily. Similar improvements were seen in math skills; interestingly, no improvements were found in reading skill. Researchers note that improved math achievement was “remarkable” since no math lessons were given and suggests longer intervention could produce even better results.

Although we don’t suggest completely dropping homework and math practice in favor of tag,  we love anything that helps children improve in math. If your family is getting out to play, tell us about what you like to do!

Ideas: Children in the study “played hard, with running games, hula hoops and jump ropes, raising their heart rates to 79 percent of maximum, which is considered vigorous.”

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